Friday, November 5, 2010

Sunday Morning

It's Sunday, a day of relaxing. Time to spend with family and friends before going back to the hecktic work week. Sunday, a day of rest, time to sleep in or all of the day if we so wish. Sunday a day for me, what is it that I want to day, stay in my PJ's all day, go for a walk, veg in front of the TV.  Sunday a day that we look forward too but at the same time we dread the thought of Sunday, becasue Monday is just around the cornor and it means responsibilities, school work, kid activities, taking and picking up the children from school, sports and all sorts of things we enrolled them in to keep them busy Monday though Friday. The work week is busy with all that we have going on in our lives, and Sunday is our day or is it?

Sunday is the day that we attend church, but do we go, or are we too tired from being out late last night with the wife or girlfriend. It is the day of recovery for some, to recoop and get back on their feet from living it up on Friday and Saturday night. A day we sleep til 1 or 2pm, shower and then relax, because the stress is going to be there on Monday, and one more day of no worries is better then none.

Yet, Sunday is God's day, it is a day that we are to go to church, to God's house to fellowship, worship and be with the the Lord. It is a joyful day, a day that we get to spend time in God's house and in His holy presence. Yet, all too often it is easier to push that snooze button and sleep a little bit longer, watch TV or to catch up on housework. Yet, it is not our day at all it is God's, he has given us each and every day to live our lives with free will, and all he asks for is an hour on Sunday. Yet, too often we are too busy to spend that hour once a week in God's house.

Sunday morning church is a joyous thing. It states in the Bible that we are to come to the Lord's house joyfully, not dreading every step in the door, or watching the minute hand on the clock. We complain if the sermon or homily is too long, and wonder why they can't say all that God wants them to say in less then 10 minutes so we can get to lunch. We all seem to be hungry when we attend church on Sunday. Ever notice that half way through the service your stomache is growling looking for food, or your phone in your pocket keeps ringing, or the text messages just keep coming while you are in church. Yet, the moment you are out, and back to daily living all is quiet again. Have you ever noticed all the little distractions in church that tend to pull your focus away from the Lord. Every thing that happens in that hour to say look here, baby crying there, text messages, phone vibrating and on top of all that you are starving. All this and more in the one hour that you are there in the Lord's house. With all the distractions, how are you able to see God, feel his presence, listen to his words that are spoken in the homily. How are we to really focus on the heavenly Father, that is why we are there in the first place, to seek, worship, listen and grow in the Lord.

Yet, if all of this happens and we walk out the same that we were when we walked into the church we missed it. Yes, you missed the puprose of being there in church! It's not to make the spouse happy, or for the children only. God is there in His house for all of us. He is there to met us where we are at that moment. He is there to comfort us, help us walk with Him. We are given the tools to help us walk that road of life in church in that hour that we are there, it is in the homily / sermon that we learn more about the Lord our heavenly Father. It is there that we are able to come to the table of communion, to find that healing that He has for us along with comfort and peace. It is in that hour of church that we can find the hope to make it though that tough time because we find hope in the Lord's house and in his loving arms.

It is in that hour not only do we find hope, and may actually hear form God, but we get to bask in His love, have peace, and joy in our soul. In that hours of taking the time to focus on God, and give him the attention that we neglect during the week, we are able to be forgiven of the sins, find that communion with God is at a new level. We are able to be open to healing in all areas of our life. God is amazing and a big God, He is there willing to help, love, comfort, give peace or met any needin you if you are willing to open up to Him and allow him to work in you.

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