Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Joy, What Joy?

There is an enthusium the day that you met Jesus for the first time, it can be in a park, church, home in the bedroom. There is an event that may have caused you to reach out to Him. It could be a tragedy, emotional termoil, or a simple calling where you hear the Lord pulling you towards Him. There was a joy, love and sense of being loved by the heavenly father at that moment, do you remember the day that you found God, and reached out to Him for the first time. Not only did we have a joy about us, but we also had a need to share with everyone that we found Jesus, and that they needed to know Him as well.

As we continued to walk and the days turnd into months that then turned to years what happens to that joy? We walk with Him and sometimes we stumble and fall, but He is there to pick us up and dust us off, guide us along the chosen joy that we are walking, talking and worshiping the almighty Father. That joy, is it still there if not do you evere wonder where it went, do we hide it so we can be normal around those we know and have to deal with on a daily bases.

We walk with Jesus dail and keep up that relationship with Him we grow in Him  and continue to blossom. We are pleasing to the Lord when we take this time to walk and worship him on a daily basis. We are in the church weekly on Sunday doing our thing, talking and fellowshiping with others that we haven't seem since last service. Idealy we are there to worship, listen to the priest / pastor on Sunday morning as he gives us some tools to help us walk with God, and have that daily joy in our lives. When the trail come and they do when you are strong and walking with God,  rely on others in the church, prayer, the priest and pastors to help guide us along in the times that we are struggling. Yet, after the storm passes the Joy will come in the morning, and with that joy is more strength or growth with / in the Lord.

The joy is there, reach out to God, and talk to him, tell him your needs and concerns. Pray, worship, read the Bible  and fellowship with other Christians who are strong in God, and you will see that joy return to you in the morning. You will see and know that God is there walking with you down the street, there with you in the hospital room, or in the ER when all seems lost, and you are at the bottom of the world. Yet, there is God in the middle with you, wiping your tears, holding your hand, and letting you know that there is joy coming, and it is coming if we can just wait for the morning light to shine. He is there, He is always there and will come in a heartbeat if we call out to Him. Call to the alighty Father, wait for Him and see your Joy return to you in the morning.

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