Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where do you run?

There are some of us that talk to others, some that turn to friends, others that run to the church, pastors and priests and then there are some that are more comfortable bearing their souls to a total stranger, an outsider, a therapist. All are acceptable in a time of needm and we all need to have someone, somewhere that we are able to run in those times in our lives that we are struggling with personal, interpersonal or just stuff that is happening in our lives, We all have to have a refuge that we can bear the hurts, pains and wounds that we carry deep within us that many do not know that they even exist.

As humans we need to have someone that can talk to us and listen, really listen to what we are saying and not judge us by what we are feeling or thinking at that moment. We need to feel safe bearing our souls to someone when we are in need, or have pain deep within us, espicially when it is willing and coming to the surface. At these times it can be hard to see options, or think that anyone has ever been in this place where we sit in the midst of all the pain, and open wounds that are bleeding and we try as we may to cover them but just can't seem to get that bleeding to stop. It is in those moments that we tend to run to others that we trust or look for someone out there in the world that we feel safe with to share all that is within us at that moment. Someone who is willing to explore those thoughts and feelings, or look at the pain and what is happening in another light, someone who is there for us in the time of our need.

We all have these times in our lives, some have more than others, but we all go through tough and trying times in life. As Christians we have the ultimate comfortator there willing and want to help if we just reach out to him. As a Christian we have Jesus there at our calling, we can reach up to heaven and have Him come down to us and hold us in a time of need, He is there listening, and won't judge you for what you are feeling. He is there to wipe away all the tears, and will always be near. His love is never ending and he is always awake so it doesn't matter if it is 2 in the afternoon or four o'clock in the morning. Jesus does not sleep, and never see's his children as a bother or a problem. He is there waiting for you to call out to Him.

Yet, sometimes we reach out and still feel that we need more, that we need a human here on earth to talk to, it is then that we run to the church. We turn to the priest, a pastor, a leader in the church. We seek out someone that will understand what we are going through and can help us see God is there with us in the middle of the storm that we are in at the moment. We reach out and see that there is love here for us in the church, that God's love is all around us in the church. That the priest have a true heart for the people and that when we are hurting, they too feel the pain that we bear in our souls. They see us and love us as their family, so when we hide all our pain and hurts, it is then that we are hurtung our spiritual leaders as well. They are there for the church, but more importantly they are there for the people. They truly care for us as the members of the church. They love and care for us as their family, and want us to call them in the times of need, and not to run and hide in the back of the church or the fake smile on Sunday morning. I am sure they don't want us calling them at 3am, unless it is an emergency, but knowing several pastors and priests over the years, I know they want us to call them in the am if we need to talk and are struggling with finding or seeing God work in us, through us or simply knowing that God is still there and has not walked away from us when we are in need, pain and misery.

They are there to walk with us, guide us and help us walk with the heavenly father. The priest / pastors are there reaching out and asking that we call then when our faith is weak, and we are climbing out of the lowly pit that we may be in and can't seem to be able to grasp that rock to pull ourselves up off the floor. They are there reaching their hand down, saying grab ahold, I am here to help you my child. I am here to pray with you, show you the Father in heaven and be a shoulder you can cry on without any judgement or shame. Call me and I will help you, I am here for you always, just like the Father in heaven. Reach out in the times of need and you will see the love of the heavenly father reaching to you through others and through your priest / pastor of the church.

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