Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who are you?

Who are you, what do you protray you are to the world. Are you  5 seperate people, one you show at work,  one that you show to your friends, then one at home, one in the community and  one at church. What do you put on as you walk out the door, who are you at that moment in time. Are you a parent, lover, christian, or do you associate yourself with your job. What truly defines who you are in this workl?

As Christians, those who love God, and follow him, we are to be wearing our Christian uniform at all times. There are many who clain to be Christian, followers of Christ, yet their actions say otherwise. So what is a Christian, a follower of Jesus, one who walks and talks with the Lord. They communicate with God through prayer, and listen to the heavenly Father while they are in prayer. They attend church, not because they have too, but rather it is a joy because it is a wonderful thing to come to the house of the Lord, and to sit in His presence. They are there when there is a need for prayer, they love with the love of Christ. They put their faith and trust in the heavenly Father.

We are to be different in the world, we are not to be of this world while we are here. This is not our true home, because the Father in heaven has a place saved for us if we talk and follow Him, a true relationship with Jesus. We are to be like aliens here because our home is in heaven. We are to show the love of Christ to all who come into our lives, if it for a moment or years. We are to be there to show them the love and compassion of Christ, so that they may come to know the Father through us. I have heard it said that we only love the heavenly Father as much as we love those who annoy us, bother us, or those that we just cannot stand to be around. It could be the pan handler in the park that begs for money because he is hungry or the lady that we work with that just gets under our skin. Yet, what we do to the least of these we do unto our heaven Father. We are there to minister to them, to ask God to give us the words, tolerance and ability to show them the love of Christ daily.

We have the love of Jesus and of the Father not because we are the selected few, but rather we have that love to show and bring others to the Lord. We are to be there in their times of need and times of joy. We are to love them when they seem unlovable, and that love may save them from doing something to hurt themselves or others. We may be able to reach them in their hurt, or lonelyness, by reaching out them them with a simple phone call or touch. It may be all they need to make it thorugh the day.

We are here to show the world the love of the father to all that we come in contact with in our daily lives, All deserve to be treated with the love of Christ and find the love of the Father. We are to keep that christian uniform on through all our roles not just when it is convient at church Sunday morning.

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