Sunday, November 28, 2010


At times in our lifes there is a sense of quietness, a time where there is nothing that is vital that has to be done. A time of refreshing that occurs, and often we miss it. We look for the things that we are missing, or should be doing at that moment in time, rather then being truly refreshe by God. We may fill our heads with the fact that we need to do more community work, more time at the church, need to find the right job if we are unemployed or under paid for what we do for a living. Yet, we struggle with doing nothing, we feel that we must be productive all the time that we have available, are we reading the best seller, hunting for the bargins now that christmas is a month away, or are we planning the big event with all the family. We are always thinking and planning things out that are about to happen or events that are coming in our lives. Now planning is good, yet at what point do we stop and let the Spirit of God refresh us.

We become so wrapped up in the events and things that life throws at us that we don't take the time to become refeshed by God. We can't understand that the quietness is vital, and important  to the refreshing of the soul. It is in the quietness that we stop and listen to God, that we bask in His love. Yet, when we fimally take that time to be quiet in God, it is then that we remember the list for the grocery store, what the kids need for the class project, or the last conversation we had with a family member or a stranger at the store and our mind then wonders. So then we stop and get up and lose that moment with the Heavenly Father. Then we go and do all those things that came to our minds in those 15 seconds of quietness. Yes, a time to think and reflect on everything, but the purpose is to sit with God and be quiet with him to allow Him to minister to us and give our souls what it needs at that moment in time.

We tend to get so caught up in everything that we disturb that peace of the Heavenly Father. We think, process all kinds of things rather then sitting and really focusing on God. Yes, it is a habit that is to be deveolped, but it is vital to the soul to spend this time in prayer with the Father. It is for the outpouring of our soul, but also a time to become refreshed in God! A time when we sit in His love, His peace, and truly listen to the Father and hear from Him. To know that He is near, that he is listening to you and really loves you for who you are right now! That there is nothing more that he wants from you other then to sit and spend time with you on a daily bases. He longs for your company and that quiet time so He can minster to you where you are and meet those needs that only He can meet at this point in your life.

We all need to learn that it is in this quietness that we are truly refreshed. But more then refreshed in God, that we are able to rest in His presence. It is in these moments that we feel the Father's loving arms around us, and know without a shodow of a doubt that He is near to us and will never leave us no matter what happens in our lives. He is there if we shall call upon Him, and in that quietness we may find the love that we need, or answers that we are seeking. It is in this quietness that we find a spiritual  peacefulness!

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