Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Duet

Music is a wonderful thing. We listen to bands play our favorite songs and we dance, groove, play air guitar to them. Yet there songs that just tend to move us through life, that really seem to touch us in some sort of magical way. There are songs that tend to move us or tug at our heart strings. Some of theses songs are duets. They are songs where two separate artists, sometimes from two separate musical genres come together to create a real masterpiece. Something that one is unable to perform on their own, where they need the member of the other band to make that song flow.

The duet is a beautiful thing, it is able to create a beautiful harmony between to singers that did not exist prior to that moment. It is when the two come together to create that harmony that is not able to be duplicated by any other person, because it is a combination of the two voices that make it so unique. Yet, there is to be a harmony, a duet that is to run throughout our lives. One that is there at all times, through the good and the bad. A partner that we are able to lean on at any hour no matter what the circumstance may be at the moment.

God is  with us as we move through our lives. He is the only one that knows the true matters of the heart. There are nothing that we need to hide from the Heavenly Father. He is there and created us to be who we are in him and that all matters of our heart truly matter to Him. There is no need to hide feelings, deep emotions, tears or anything else from the Father, he is there and understands what we are going through, because His son Jesus was on the Earth and experiences all of the human emotions known to man. God understands us, and is able to provide a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear when we so need to be heard by someone. Yes, prayers does wonders, God also brings people into our lives that we trust and share, and when we need that human shoulder to cling to and cry He provides you with just the right person at the right moment. God gives us certain people to help us through the rough times in life and they are their to celebrate the victories.

This duet that forms when you build that relationship with the Father, is one that becomes stronger in time. This duet of voices, song, and the one of the soul, is one that is so important in ones life. That relationship that you have with the Heavenly Father is one that is grows into a beautiful song that the soul sings daily. It is like your favorite song that you know all the words too, the melody that flows through ones heart, it becomes a part of you. This song that you love is one that you may sing at time, because something in that song touches you in a manner that no other song is able to do. It is like that relationship with the Heavenly Father, it is a relationship that you will never have with anyone else. It is a song and a melody that is in your heart that longs to sing to the Father, one that knows the love that the Heavenly Father has for you if you are willing to sing your part in the duet.

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  1. "God is with us as we move through our lives. He is the only one that knows the true matters of the heart."

    I love this! I think sometimes we do forget that there is someone who understands everything about us, someone who cares more about us than everyone else. It's nice to be reminded of that. I love that you talk about our relationship with God as a duet... that's such a beautiful image! Even though I'm a new believer, I totally agree with your estimation that your relationship with God "is one that becomes stronger in time." It's just like any other healthy relationship... the more you work at it, the better/stronger/deeper it becomes.

    Grown Up Rachel


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