Friday, January 28, 2011

The Tempo

There is a beat that run through our lives, a tempo to which we tend to live up too. There are some that are slow like a waltz and others that are so fast that one wonders if they could even count the beats per minute if they tried.  There tends to be several beats that we hear throughout the day and yet we adjust to them as if there isn't a real change in the beat. We are able to flow to the music and gradually move through the day, and perform all that we need to do at the moment. This tempo keeps us moving, it almost gives us energy as we perform at home, as a parent, a lover, a friend, and as a child of God.

This tempo is different for all people, some are always running fast and others tend to run a littler slower. Yet, we all work together to accomplish what it is that we need to do during the day, and we are able to smile, laugh and cry when the time is right. We are able to show our emotions, be true to ourselves when we follow the tempo that is right for us. It is when we get caught up in the world and feel that we have to do more, be a better person, accomplish more goals or even keep up with the Jones that we throw that natural tempo off beat. When we tamper with that tempo for long periods of time we start to question where that original tempo was set. We then tend to reset the tempo to where we think we need to be, we move the inner beat to something that it was never intend to be set at, and then everything changes in our live.

Everything changes the seasons, neighbors, friends, relationships and all that is around us is always changing and some up hear that tempo to follow and others who have tampered with it are looking around for the right beat to follow. Yet that inner tempo is set before our birth, by the heavely Father that knows us from the moment of conception. He is there forming us in the womb of our mother and sets the beat that we will follow throughout our lives. That tempo, if we follow and truly listen to it will help us draw near to God, since He is our creator and knows all about us and is always with us. The Bible states that He will never leave us nor forsake us, that His love is always there if we listen to Him and follow His ways in our lives.

When we set that tempo back to the original setting we find that life works better fir us, there is less questioning and chaos that surrounds us, because we are following the tempo that is from Heaven. We are moving and living according to the ways of God, we are able to flow and groove into that tempo. We may find that our faith will grow, that we lean toward God and his ways when we move to the natural tempo that was set in us at birth. We may find that we long to be in the presence of God more then just Sunday morning.

We may find that God is real and He is there in all that we do, He guides that tempo to which we move, but sometimes we just want what we want and God gets pushed to the sidelines. It is then that we go off that path, and wonder in the desert for a spell till we start to listen once again and find that inner tempo, that leads us back home to the God and his ways. It is when we allow God to adjust our inner tempo when things happen that we are able to find that inner peace and solitude within our soul. It is when we follow and grow n God, that the tempo changes and we strive to do his will in our lives that we find that we are living the way that we are supposed to be living. That the tempo is just right for us and there is no need to adjust it.

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  1. Excellent points! It's when we follow the world's fast pace that we lose sight of God's tempo. And His tempo is slow and peaceful... He leads me beside still waters... makes me lie down in green pastures. Does this sound like the common rat race to you?


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