Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family Hurts

We would go yearly to some of the relatives house that we would not see very often for one reason or another. As a child we never really questions why we did or did not see certain family members, know that our parents knew best. That the underlying reasons that we did not visit, were know in some realm, yet never spoken aloud for any reason. That it was hush, hush, and that is just the way that it has to be right now, you will understand why when you are older. Yet, we grow older and never really ask the questions of why we don't really associate with certain family or visit them as often as others. It is just the family dynamics and that is it.

In reality though, there is so much more going on then we really want to acknowledge. As we venture further into our lives, and relationships become complicated and busy we tend to forget, or push things aside that are not in our lives at the moment. Even if it means walking away from certain family members, or not communicating with them. Yet, we know they are our family, we just are not that close to them and we really are not sure why, other then we just don't know them all that well, and with all the business in our lives who has time for another realtionship right now?

Yet, there is so many reasons under the lost relationships in our lives, whether it be family or friends. There can be a deep hurt, or something so small at the time that we have allowed to grow into so much more that now we have forgotten why we were even mad at them for in the first place. Yet, to put those things behind us is so hard, and to ask them for forgiveness for the wrong doing even if it isn't our fault is just beyond our comprehension! Since they should be the one to say sorry, they did me wrong! Yet as a Christian and a follower of Christ we are to forgive them, even if we did no wrong. By opening that door up and saying simply "I'm sorry for hurting you" By doing this, you are able to free yourself from the burden of the judgment on the other person, and you are able to touch them with the love of Christ. By letting go and allowing that relationship to now grow in Christ you will see how He can transform that hurt and pain into joy along with freedom.

There is so much power in forgiveness. Especially if it is in ones own family. By telling them other member that you now forgive them for holding that grudge, or pain that they have inflicted upon us. We are able to free them from that burden as well and us being free in Christ. We are able to see that person in a new light, one of Love and we are now able to love them as Christ would want us to love them. We are able to help them heal the hurts that are deep within them, by opening those doors of communication not only with you but with the Father in heaven. We are able to show them that by forgiving them, and allowing that wound to close, we are able to find freedom in Christ that we may not have experienced in the past. A freedom that allows you grow and go deeper with God. We are allowing God to work through us on a level that we may not realize, because we have finally let go of that hurt and grudge. As a Christian we are able to show others the true Love of Christ by simply forgiving them.

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  1. Family relationships can be hard. Especially with so many different personalities and viewpoints. AND the need to feel right--about whatever it is.

    I try to love and accept everyone in my family for the person he/she is and not try to make him/her be who *I* think he/she should be. It's tough but it keeps me from feeling disappointed.


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