Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Transformation Story

Stories are great, even as adults we love to tell others our stories. Stories that we have heard or those things that have happened to us personally. We call other and say something like, man I got a story for you, or you are not going to believe this. or you will never guess what happen. Then we go on and tell them all that has happened to us or others in our lives.

Stories are a wonderful thing, they are a part of who we are and what we are becoming as we age and grow older. A story is like a tree that is about to be transformed into something wonderful. Yet, the tree can't see that there is any way that it can be more beautiful then it is right now. Yet the carver or creator sees beyond the bark and the trunk, and sees a wondrous bench that we can sit on in the yard. or a playground that can bring so many children joy. Yet, it is the same in our Christian walk.  God is able to see all that you are and can be for Him in this world, yet all we can see is the present and all that is surrounding us right now. It is so easy for us to get frustrated with God, and question Him and His ways when we can't see the answers now. It is then that God is slowing pealing away that bark and starting our transformation.

In that transformation in Christ, there is growth, and it may mean that we have to walk away from ungodly things, or from those people in our lives that are a bad influence on us. We may have to let go of hurts, forgive others and allow God to mend our hearts. So that we can be transformed into something more beautiful. In that transformation, we are changed into something so beautiful and the Father in Heaven is so proud to watch His story unfold in us. He is there guiding us when we are uncertain what to do or say. He is there to give us the right words to help others in there transformation as well.

We are all a story that  being written daily. We all have experience that are unique to us,and we love to tell others about what is happening in our lives. Yet is seems that the most important transformation that we can experience we rarely share with others. The transformation that God is doing in us to create in us a clean heart. One that we are able to go to the Father, without shame and be able to talk and communicate with Him freely. That transformation is one to talk about, as we grow in Christ and in Godly things we need to share those things with others so they too can grown and be able to strengthen their faith as well.

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