Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Covenant

Over the course of our lives we make promises to one another. We go and talk to others and make some sort of commitment to another person by promising them something that we are going to do for them. In a sense we are entering into some sort of contract without all the formal legality of it. We enter into these contracts with others freely without thinking twice, because we know the other individual that we are making that committment. In this committment with one another we are agreeing to do or give a part of ourselves to another person in some sort of manner. In the same way we are to enter into a blood covenant with the Lord.

This blood covenant is one that is important to all Chiristians, because it is that which atones us from all sin. This covenant that we have with God is so much more. It is a promise / contract that God has made with all of us at the time of our bapitism and salavation. It comes into effect with one prayed the sinners prayer, saught out God for the first time and looked to Him for all that He is and can be in us.  This is the contract that God cannot and will never go back on, that we are forgiven for all sin in our lives if we confess it to Him, it is then that we are covered by the blood tat was shed on the cross and are made white as snow in the Father's eyes.

Yet, there is so much more to this then just the forgiveness of our sins. Yes, that is vital but we are so much more in Christ then just forgiven. We are His sons and daughters, whom He loves enough to have His only son die for us on the cross. This blood that was shed is the key to many of the promises that God has made to us. It is essentially the bases for all that we are and able to be in Jesus. In Him and through His holy Spirit we are able to have the ablility to achieve all the promises of God.

We are able to Heal the sick and the weak. We are able to pray to the Father for a physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, and He will answer. He is there listening and willing to cover all that we can possibly need in when it comes to healing. When God heals us there is no other explaniation of what has happened or the miracle that has just occured. God promises this healing through the covenant of His blood that was shed on Calvery.

He is telling us as Christians that this covenant that He has formed with us is eternal. It is not conditional on what we do or say, rather it is given freely because we are His children. By having that right we are able to perform all the same miracles that the apostles had done in the new testament of the Bible. We have the ability to walk with Christ in this world, and perform all the miracle that the Lord did in His time because we have that divine covenant with the Lord. All that Jesus is, is who we are to be in this life. We are to walk as He would have walked, and help others who are poor and less fortunate ten us. We are to forgive others and perform miracles in our daily walk with the Father. We are divine children and have the ability to do miracles on a daily bases if we partake in the covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. AMEN! Great post! The forgiveness means nothing if you don't have a relationship with Christ! Once we build a relationship, we will be confident that anything is possible through Him!


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