Sunday, April 10, 2011


There are times in our lives that we seem to be wanders in time.  We seem to be some sort of Nomad at that moment. A time where we all seem to lose our sense of direction, or have moved of the beaten path in the forest. We tend to move and look about at all that is surrounding us and move along looking for the guide that we are to be following in the desert, yet we are not sure where we wandered off but it can't be too far, they have to be close, afterall I just seen the guide and the group not that long ago. Yet, I am not sure when that was since something caught my attention and I went to explore the world over here. Wait! Does anyone know that I am not there? Do they realize that I am out here alone? I need to get back to that place where they are, now what way did I come from; it all looks the same out here.

Or maybe we are more like the Isrealites, where we wander in the desert for a long period of time, because we are not listening to the voice of God. Maybe, we are so wrapped up in the sin in our lives that we are no longer able to hear His voice or feel His Holy Presence. It is in those moment's we would swear that God has left our side and we feel alone. As if God is hiding in another room, in some other building in a different city and state. We look for Him in Sunday morning church, yet we feel nothing. Like we are walking in a land of dry dead bones. Yet, when we speak to others, it is in that moment we realize that they are in the middle of a downpour, that His spirit is flooding them and comforting them, giving them comfort. It is then that we start to wonder what happened to us, why am I here in the dry land and yet the rain is all around me.

Could it be that sin we are not willing to let go of is really holding us back from the Heavenly Father? Is it the sin, or maybe I have done more then I realize and that there is no way that God will ever forgive me so we walk in the worldly things instead of Godly things. It could be that sin has taken such a stronghold in our lives because we stopped praying and seeking God in His word. Yet, how do we pray if God is not going to listen to me, or forgive me for all that I had done, or better yet why would He want me back if He know what I have done and tried lately?

The beauty of the wandering soul in the land of dry and weary bones, is that it won't and can't last forever. God will send His rain if you ask, He can wash over you with rain so pure and refreshing that will draw you into Him more they you can ever imagine. He will send His rain, but if there is sin in your life that you need to be washed from then repent, and call out to God, He is there and will answer you when you call. The beauty of His Blood that was shed is that once we ask for forgiveness He see that sin no more, we become clean, and able to walk with Him on a new level that we may not realize exists at this moment.

His forgiveness, His rain that refreshes the soul is there for all of us. Cry out to the Father, ask Him the questions, yell, cry, weep, He is able to take all that you are willing Him. Then wait and Listen to His response. He is there with you in the dry land, He is there with you in the moments of weeping and heartache. His hands are there wanting to Hold you close to His side when the trails and pain come flooding over you. His healing hands are there in those moments, if we are willing to cry out to as our Heavenly Father. If we are willing to let go of all those things that are holding us back from God, we are able to grow in Him and become closer to the Father then we can ever dream. We can come to the point that when we call out "Lord, walk with me and hold my hand through this" we will sense Him there with us and He is always near, He won't leave us nor forsake us becase we are His beloved Children.

So if we feel like wandering out there, realize that God is but a prayer away, all we have to do is cry out to Him and He will come. He is there if we are willing to allow Him to be there.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if one of our tests is how we handle it when God stands back. I read David wrestle with feeling distant, and I don't know that I can say every time he felt that way that it was his doing. I don't know... just a thought.


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