Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Want Something New!!

As we move into adulthood we tend to put away the toys that we have in our lives and turn to the world of being a grown up. We move to working our careers, bills, and fun that is different that anything we could ever imagine as a child. Yet, we still look to things in the world to be happy at times. That we could just get a new purse, shoes, car, guitar, etc that we would be so much happier. Yet, the joy that all these things that we acquire disappear over time and we are looking for that next new thing, a dress, suit, ipad, phone etc. to bring back to those moments of joy of having something new.

It is amazing that even as adults, that so many people look to material things for there happiness. That all joy is from those things that we acquire in this life. Yes, toys in the adult world get bigger as we get older, that new house, boat, RV, pool etc. but that source of happiness is so limited to the newness of the object that we place in the garage, home or in our pocket. It is a temporary fix, till we get that urge to have something new because we want it or need to feel that joy once again.

It is sad, that we still look to things for the source of our happiness rather then looking at ourselves to see what is causing that sadness, that somber mood at the moment that we want to hide or just cover up by buying something new to hide that pain that is so well hidden in our hearts. That pain that we don't like to talk about, because the tears may fall or we feel that we will just crumble there on the spot, or melt away like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz!

Truth be told, that we hate that deep pain, that hurt that seems to haunt us in all that we do, we are afraid of sharing it at all, since others will judge us. It is as if we cant talk about it cause then everyone will know that we are weak, soft, and may actually see us cry and that is simply forbidden. Yet, we shy away from those in the church that maybe able to help us heal as well. We are afraid to turn to them, again they may judge us for the pain, or worse if they knew what I had done they may not forgive me or even hate me. Yet, the pastor at the church or the priest that is there waiting for that call. They are there fir the lay people of the church. They are in the business of helping; they are there to do the work of the Heavenly Father.

The priest / pastor of your church would love to chat, and have the time with you. He wants to know the matters of the heart so he can lead you in the right direction. That he can pray for you, help you heal, wipe your tears, listen to the pain, and be there for you if you are willing to talk to them. They are to show you the love and the compassion that the Father in heaven has for all His children. They are there to help you along the road of healing by showing you that the Father in heaven is there to hold your hand, and walk with you when you are hurting. Yet, they are there to help lighten the load as we walk along the paths of life that are difficult or seem impossible. The priest / pastors are there to help you leave that heaviness at the door, as they lay it at the feet of Jesus. He is there to show you and guide you with your walk with Jesus. In times of struggles, and deep pain when you just can't find the words to cry out to God, they can help you put the words together and form the thoughts to express what it is you need God to help you with so your heart can finally start to heal without all the toys and temporary fixes of the world.

Rather, the Father wants you to leave those burdens at His feet, to leave that pain at the foot of the cross, and to walk away from all that is troubling your heart. He is there to stitch up the wounds, and want to heal all the old scars so they are able to fad away. He sees all the pain, the tears and it breaks His heart that we as His Children do not turn to Him for the healings that are related to the heart. He wants to take that burden or pain, and replace it with joy! A joy that is not found in things that is temporary, but rather a joy that is complete. It is a joy that can only come from Heaven. Joy that comes from knowing we have a Father in Heaven that loves us, know us, because we walk with Him daily.

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  1. This is so beautifully true. We recently reached out to our church...we grew up in single parent homes and never witnessed a marriage growing up....so, now, we have a couple mentoring us. OUr marriage vows made twice.....first, 21 yrs ago...and then 11 yrs ago....now, we are on our way to a marriage that truly glorifies God, because we did step out of our comfort zone and ask....but, I wish we had sooner!


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