Sunday, May 15, 2011


Have you ever just wanted the spotlight on you for a moment? A time when you wanted the attention that you thought you deserved for doing something, or achieving something great in your mind. Only to find out that it is overlooked by others. Yet, all we want is to be looked upon for that one thing for a moment, for someone, somewhere to notice us, but it passes by and not a soul comments on what we had done. It is a time that we question are we important, do they not know that this is so big in my life, yet so small in the lives that are all around me. It is like a birthday that everyone forgets, except your parent and a maybe one other soul.
We tend to feel lost then, forgotten, and maybe go as far as to think if they loved me they would notice me and all that I have done. If they truly knew me then they would understand that I need some attention right now. That if we need something in a time like this that those around me should know, and I shouldn't have to jump up and down or ask for the attention, after all they are suppose to love me. They are my family and friends, they know me the best, yet it seems like at the moment that they don't know you at all. They are so far off that you would have to toss the ball from one ballpark to another to get them to notice you right now.
The pain that you are holding onto in that moment is so insignificant to anyone else around you, and yet you can't reach out to them in that moment. It is in that moment, that you are afraid to draw the attention unto your self. So we hold onto those things and hide them deep within us, we burry that pain and think to ourselves that we are just not that important to be noticed. Yet, the opposite is true. We do matter and our thoughts, feelings, pain and joy never go unnoticed by God. He is there in the midst of all the pain, He is there longing to hold you when you cry, when you let the river of tears fall and then the healing process begins.
God is there with you in these important times when we feel lonely, scared, pain, joy, and any other emotion. He is so real in the theses moments, yet He won't interfere, He will sit and wait for you to cry out to him before he comes to you. It breaks the father's heart to see you his child hurting, and feeling like you don't matter. He is there with you, He longs to be there with you and wants you to walk with Him all the time and not just in the times when you are hurting, He is reaching out to you on a daily basis the question is are you willing to take His hand and walk along the road with Him.
The Lord does give us helpers along the way, He provides us with priest and pastors that truly care about His children. He provides us with those who love us and want to help us see God in all the situations that we are facing, especially when we are not able to God anywhere. He gives us those who can pray with us, and comfort us in times of crisis, emotional pain. That there are those in the church who do care about you as a person, but we have to be willing to reach out to them in times of need. When we reach out to others we are able to take in God's love when we can't see God at the moment. They are able to draw a small piece of Heaven down to earth and show you God's love, comfort and care are near. Take another's hand and reach out to God in those deep moments of pain or hurt and you will find all that your heart needs to start to heal.

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