Saturday, May 21, 2011


In every moment we begin again, or the opportunity to start anew. That in that moment there is an opportunity for transformation and healing to flow through us and our soul. In those moments we are aware of the thoughts and feelings that are surrounding us in the moment. We take in all the sights, sounds and feel all that is in us and in our soul. We open ourselves up to the world that is so hidden within, that we all hide so well from the rest of the world. In that world, the pain and the hurt reside. It is here that they hide, and are packed so well into little boxes that we tend to forget about them until something stirs and then they begin to open.

When the opening starts, we have the chance to live in the moment and start the process of healing the wounds, or to slowing take all the little broken pieces and shove them back into the box. It is then that we get the strongest tape we have and tape it close after stapling all the seams together. After all what we have hidden, no one is to see. It is the pain of the wounds that run so deep that we cannot imagine life without that agony. We hate the hurt, yet cannot image what it is like to function without that hole in our hearts, because it is a part of who we are now. It is a part of us; our personality, our livelihood, and it effect how we live every moment of our live if we realize it or not. This box cannot be opened!

Yet, it starts to open, the staples that are holding it close start to rust, and crumble. Then we look again and see that the seams are coming apart under the tape. Lastly we see that the box is not as sturdy as it once was when we took all the brokenness and place it there when the event that hurt us occurred. Rather, now it is all coming back, the emotions, the memories and we are feeling broken once again. Yet, this time we are not able to find that box to shove it in so we can hide and tell all that we are ok.

Rather, the moment has come where we are ready or think we are ready to start to deal with all that is broken. Time has come when we are willing to heal, and run to safety. It is in this moment we find the arms of Jesus wide open saying come my child, come unto me and I will help you with all that pain and brokenness. It is in this moment that we being transformation and the healing process begins. It is slow, but the Lord is there with the Love and the guidance that we need to walk the path of emotional healing. He understands what it is like to hurt, after all He wept when his one dear fried died. Jesus is there in a heartbeat, to help you heal. His arms are there for comfort, love and help you when you are broken and are not sure all the pieces are there still in the box. His love will place them back together and begin to heal your heart.

He give us His words in scripture, in worship songs so that we may draw unto him when we hurt and feel so wounded, that we can no longer express words. He is there with a thought, he comes and His comfort follows. His love guides us to others who have been there and know the pain that we hold onto, they can relate to all that we are going though, they have the words to pray with you in those times of need. There are priest and pastors who care deeply about you are their sheep in the large flock. They too have the words of comfort, they are there to help you heal, to show you the love that is all around you when you are feeling so broken that you are not sure what to say , or when the tears come tumbling down. They understand the pain, and are willing to walk with you so your heart can be healed by the Heavenly father if you are willing to say "yes" to him. Come and walk with him" , pray to him even if is as simple as "help me Lord" or "God I need you". He is there willing and wanting to heal all that is in you if we are willing to ask Him for His help. We are able to let go of the pain, the shattered pieces and trade them in for a new picture that is all together. Jesus is there waiting to help and heal your heart if you are willing to reach out to him in your time of need.

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