Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a wonderful season, it is a time where we start a wonderful thing in our households, that of spring cleaning. A time when we take the time to look at our home and all that we have acquired over the past year. It is a time when we scrub our homes extra good to get rid of the last germ or bug that may be lingering in the corners of our home. Spring is also a time of renewal of nature. It is now that all the trees bud, flowers bloom, and the world around us come alive again with colors and scents.

Spring, is a time when we see change in the world around us, and a time when we clean out homes as well. We start to place things aside that we no longer use, want or need and get them ready for the big garage sale. This is the time when we place all of those goods out there for the world to see and we try to sell them during the late spring and early summer. We may even go as far of not only advertising the sale of all of our wondrous goods but have other families and neighbors join in on the fun, of sitting outside and waiting for people to come to our homes and take these things off of our hands for a small price.

Not only is spring about cleaning and nature blooming but it is also a time when we have more and more people over to our home. It is now that we look to have not only the deep cleaning but the mundane cleaning that has to be kept up, after all it is spring and it is getting warmer, which often means that people start to visit more often. We cannot allow us homes to be out of order if we are to have any company. We make sure all the beds are made, the toys are put away, and the dishes are done. Yet there is often a cleaning that we lack, a cleansing that we push aside sine we are getting busier with the kids activities and all the wonderful company that we have during the warmer seasons.

We tend to allow the cobwebs to grow here and there, along with the dust to build us as well. We often over look the spiritual cleansing that spring can bring to all of us. We tend to walk our own way more and more during these warmer months, and focus less and less on God, and Godly things. It s a time when we are so busy on the weekends that we often push God aside and tell Him, not now Lord, maybe next Sunday, we have a picnic today, it is so nice out that the boat is calling etc.

Yet, God is sitting there waiting for you to come and worship. He wants to clean out those places in your soul that have the heaviness and the cobwebs growing. He is there with you on the boat, yet, we are so buy doing and living our own way during this time that we fail to see Him. It is now along with the rest of the year that He is there for you waiting for you to say ok Lord; I am ready to really walk and talk with you. Let's clean house and get rid of the sin in my life so that I may walk fully in your glory. Yes, I will fail, but you will be there and will pick me up, brush off the dust, and cleanse me once again so I may continue my walk with you.

He is there to help you in all that you have set out to do for the day. He is there with you in the office, in the doctor's office waiting to hear the news. He is there with you when you are feeling alone, and when you are so overcome with sadness, guilt or any other emotion, He is there with you. He is there waiting to clean the hidden dusy corners of your heart that you have piled the dirt so high that you no longer can see the floor. He is there with you as you take care of it one scoopful at a time. He is with you, take His hand, and walk with Him. Talk with him and remove all that is hidden deep with you. It is time for a spring cleaning within all of us to happen, a time to be fully renewed.

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  1. This topic, set in a spring context is quite lovely. I preached about reconciliation this past week at daily Mass... reminding those present that God wants to tenderize our hearts -- and one way that that happens is by welcoming the graces of confession into the 'garden' of our heart. Blessings. dt


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