Sunday, June 5, 2011

Church is Spiritual?

Church, it's that thing we do on Sunday, when we gather up the family and head out the door for that hour or so of God time for the week. Church, where we talk to friends that we haven't seen or had time to talk to much casue life seems to get so busy. Then Sunday comes along and time to get up early and put out time in, something that we do weekly, or for some daily. Yet, what is church? It is a so much more then a physical place that we come to weekly to worship and hear about the good things of God! Is it a place of peace, refreshing, and rest, or is it just a building we attend to satisfy the husband or wife?

Church is basically what we make of it. It is or can be such a wonderful spiritul experience or it can be just routine, something we do. It is one place that we know for a fact that Heaven is brough down to earth for a short or long time depending on how long the service is or how long the pastor / preist feels lead to talk to the congeration. It is when the angels come and surround us with their presence, when the Holy Spirit fills the room and all of the Lord's goodness is all aournd you. Church is when we reach out and grab that small piece of heaven to cling to get through the rough times during the week. It is where we renew our strength, our hope and find that true everlasting love. A time where we sit in the presence of the Lord, if we recongize Him or not He is there in the mist of His believers.

Church is in a sense a true spiritual experience. It is when our spirit is freely able to reach out to God, without us trying to hold it back or fight all that is going on. We tend to relax more in Church and look for that sense of peace that we all have in our lives, a time when we feel at home and settled, at peace with all that is going on around us even if it is just for an hour when we are there focusing on the Lord.

Church is something that we attend or run to in our time of need, because we know that the Lord is there and we want His help and guidance in the things that we are experiencing. It is also a place that we find others who are seeking God, prayer warriors and people that we are able to turn to because they would understand how all these things play into our faith. Simply, because the believe and worship in the same manner that we do. There is a sense of family in a church community, a place where we are able to be ourselves and not have to worry if the pastor or priest is going to love us or like us. It is a place where we feel the love of Chirist in the church but as well through others that we know in the church.

It is a sacred place that we are always safe, and feel loved at all times, no matter what has happendd in the past 10 minutes. It is a safe haven for many. It is a place where they are able to freely share thie emotions, feeling with the pastor or priest and not be in fear of being rejected or looked down upon, but rather loved and guided in the things of the Lord.  It is a place that we run to for prayer, and hope in times of need. Somewhere we know that we can to turn to no matter what is happening now or at 3 am, that when we call and need them they are there for us as their congration. The pastor / priest is just a phome call away and they will come out to the hospital at 3am to be there to show God's love and guidande, comfort to those that are His children. They hold the hand of the dying souls, and the hands of the ones who are grieving the lost of the loved ones. They are there through tears of joy, the birth of a new child or the adoption of that special soul into the family. They baptise the child and the adults, and love to watch the Grow, not only physically but spiritually.

Church is a spiritual place, let go and reach out to God and see all that He has to offer to you in that small hour service. Take His hand and lean on His, find that joy, comfort and peace that you so long for, it is all there for His children. All yo have to do is say Yes to God and walk with Him.

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  1. Ever since I've been Baptized in the Spirit, I've developed an ever growing... ever deepening relationship with the Lord Jesus. He is very real at Church... His presence is palpable... and I often take pleasure in singing or praying with the faith community and knowing we are as close to 'united' as we can be this side of Heaven. But then again, Church can be a part of Heaven given to us here. Thanks Lisa. Blessings.


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