Monday, June 6, 2011


There is a thing in churches where the people talk about being anoited with God, or the Holy Spirit. That when that anointing comes one is moved in their spirit man to a point that you walk out of church renewed, changed and longing after the relationship with God. Yet, they never really explain what that anointing really is, it is a an amazing thing to be in a service that has a priest or pastor that is anointed to preach or talk about God and the things of Heaven. That anointing can be expalined in very simple terms, it is like being saturated in the Holy Spirirt, when you feel that presence in mass / church and you know that God is there and is very close to you. Often when the Lord ispresent in church His angels are near by as well.

This anointing that the priest or pastor has is not something that they call out to the Lord for right before the mass, often they do not know the heaviness of the Holy Spirit in the masss, because they are the one that is leading and being guided by the Spirit when they give thier Homily or Sermonfor the morning. They enjoy when the people in the congeration tell them waht they feel in the mass or service or if they are able to sense the angels or see the angels there in the service. This anointing that falls if from the Lord and is in His timing and not when man thinks it should come .

Yet, the anointing can fall on anyone of Christ followers, who are devote to Him and continuely deek after Him and His things. The anointing can fall when we pray for others, when the Lord is there when you are counseling others or helping them through a hard time in their life. It can be felt by us or by the person whom we are praying for or guiding, not necessarily by the one who is leading the cousel or prayer. It be fall and the other person can feel God so stongely, yet, the prayers or guidance person does not realize a thing. God truly works in mysterious ways, that man can not explain.

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